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Tired of the Health Care Hullabaloo?

Hullabaloo: noun: a commotion, a fuss. In recent years, almost every change to health care has caused a hullabaloo. Today, we thought you might enjoy reading about a few recent and proposed changes that, although important, have not caused quite […]

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California Court Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage a Week Prior to Windsor

Earlier this month, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California recognized the retroactive application of United States v. Windsor. In Schuett v. FedEx Corporation, plaintiff and her long-time same-sex partner, Lesly Taboada-Hall were married in a civil […]

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DOL’s Proposed Amendments to the Claims Procedure For Plans Providing Disability Benefits

Recently, the DOL released proposed amendments to the current procedural rules for employees claiming disability benefits under an ERISA plan. The proposed rules enhance existing procedures, mirror the procedural protections for claimants contained in the PHS 2719 Final Rule, and […]

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If At First You Don’t Have SSNs For Your ACA Returns, Ask, Ask Again

As employers and other coverage providers are already aware, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) will require that certain information be reported regarding the coverage employers offer or the coverage that is provided to individuals starting in early 2016. The applicable […]

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