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The President’s Benefits Budget Proposals

A few weeks ago, the President released his proposed budget for the fiscal year 2017. As usual, it is dense. However, the President has suggested some changes to employee benefits that are worth noting. While they are unlikely to get […]

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Congress Engages in Some Holiday Spending on Benefits

Congress’s recent $1.8 trillion holiday shopping spree (aka The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016, which became law on December 18, 2015) included a few employee benefit packages. We recently unwrapped the packages. Here is what we found. 1.   Cadillac Tax […]

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Cadillac Tax Still on the Assembly Line

Recently, the IRS issued Notice 2015-52 requesting additional input on the yet-to-be-proposed Cadillac Tax rules.  For those unaware, the Cadillac Tax imposes a 40%, non-deductible excise tax on the cost of health coverage that is over a certain threshold.  This […]

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The Fiscal Cliff, The Taxation of Health Insurance, and The Retirement Crisis

Now that the election dust has settled, much of the news is about the looming fiscal cliff (as discussed on our sister blog, TrustBryanCave.com). As most of us recall, this is not a new issue, but one that our elected […]

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