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ACA Facelift to Disability Claims Process Could Affect All Plans

It might be tempting to conclude that the recent Department of Labor regulations on disability claims procedures is limited to disability plans.  However, as those familiar with the claims procedures know, it applies to all plans that provide benefits based […]

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Exceptional Plan Governance: Beat Back the Coming Litigation Onslaught

It was bound to happen. For several years, the plaintiffs’ bar has sued fiduciaries of large 401(k) plans asserting breach of their duties under ERISA by failing to exercise requisite prudence in permitting excessive administrative and investment fees.  It may […]

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Hurry up and Spend the Money?

It’s like a simple set of facts on a law school exam with an answer that defies logic. And, yet, Supreme Court precedent has brought us to this illogical conclusion. Facts: Participant agrees to reimburse the plan money it has […]

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Termination of a Nonqualified Retirement Plan with a Traditional Defined Benefit Formula

A recent case from a federal court in the Northern District of Georgia provides an interesting perspective on the termination of a nonqualified retirement plan with a traditional defined benefit formula offering lifetime annuity payments. In Taylor v. NCR Corporation […]

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The Yard-Man Inference is No Longer an Inference

The death knell for the so-called “Yard-Man Inference” has sounded. If you think we’re being a little dramatic – OK, maybe you’re right – we have a tendency to get a little too worked up about employee benefits cases that make […]

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Second Circuit Affirms that Health Plan’s Same-Sex Spouse Exclusion Does not Violate ERISA

On December 23, 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the District Court’s dismissal of plaintiffs’ claims alleging that the same-sex spouse exclusion in the employer’s self-insured medical plan violated Section 510 of the Employee Retirement […]

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Fourth Circuit: Plan Administrator Must Obtain “Readily Available Information” in Claims Determination

What is a plan administrator’s obligation under ERISA to seek and obtain information potentially relevant to a participant claim where the participant has not provided it? The Fourth Circuit recently provided guidance on that issue in the case of Harrison […]

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Signature Authority Can Trigger ERISA Fiduciary Responsibility

When is a signature more than just a signature? In Perez v. Geopharma, decided on July 25, 2014, Geopharma’s CEO, Mihir Taneja, brought a motion to dismiss an ERISA breach of fiduciary duty claim under the company’s health and welfare […]

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Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Tatum v. RJR Nabisco Investment Committee, decided by the Fourth Circuit on August 4, involved the divestiture of the Nabisco stock funds following spin off of Nabisco.  Some 14 years after Nabisco and RJ Reynolds merged to form RJR Nabisco, […]

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Hobby Lobby Fallout, Part 2 (With An Expanded Non-Profit Twist)

The so-called “contraceptive mandate” saga continues.  Since the passage of the ACA in Spring 2010, its preventive care requirement mandating coverage of all FDA-approved contraceptive drugs, devices, and related services – and at no cost to women – has been […]

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