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4 Steps for Compliance with the New Disability Claims Procedures

Did you read our post “Work Now, Party Later,” advising you to do just that in response to the new Department of Labor rule governing disability claims procedures? If so—party on! If not, we hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations, […]

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DOL’s Proposed Amendments to the Claims Procedure For Plans Providing Disability Benefits

Recently, the DOL released proposed amendments to the current procedural rules for employees claiming disability benefits under an ERISA plan. The proposed rules enhance existing procedures, mirror the procedural protections for claimants contained in the PHS 2719 Final Rule, and […]

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Fourth Circuit: Plan Administrator Must Obtain “Readily Available Information” in Claims Determination

What is a plan administrator’s obligation under ERISA to seek and obtain information potentially relevant to a participant claim where the participant has not provided it? The Fourth Circuit recently provided guidance on that issue in the case of Harrison […]

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Supreme Court Upholds Enforceability of Plan Limitations Period

On December 16th, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life & Accident Ins. Co. – a case involving the tension between: (i) the contractual limitations period in Wal-Mart’s group long-term disability policy, and (ii) the requirement […]

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Eighth Circuit Finds No Abuse of Discretion in Administrator’s Termination of Benefits and Raises Questions Concerning Proper Standard of Review Upon Allegations of “Procedural Irregularities”

 In a decision released July 24, 2012, the Eight Circuit affirmed a lower court judgment that a plan administrator committed no abuse of discretion when it terminated an employee’s long-term disability benefits. The case, styled Wade v. Aetna Life Ins. […]

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Limiting Benefits for Drunk Drivers

Should employers include a “drunk driving” benefit exclusion in their death and disability policies? Two recent court cases illustrate that these provisions may determine whether or not an employee is entitled to benefits for injuries that occur while intoxicated. In […]

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