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Tired of the Health Care Hullabaloo?

Hullabaloo: noun: a commotion, a fuss. In recent years, almost every change to health care has caused a hullabaloo. Today, we thought you might enjoy reading about a few recent and proposed changes that, although important, have not caused quite […]

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Health Care Reform: Where are We Now that ACA’s Employer Mandate Has Been Delayed for One Year?

The Benefits world was rocked last week when it was announced that enforcement of the ACA employer shared responsibility penalties would be delayed for one-year. IRS Notice 2013-45, released late yesterday, July 9, officially confirmed the delay, but provided no […]

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SBCs: Few Changes and (Mostly) Extended Relief

On Tuesday, the PPACA triumvirate of DOL, Treasury/IRS and HHS issued a new set of FAQs (number 14, for those still counting) covering changes to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.  The only changes (as emphasized in multiple places in […]

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Does Your EAP or Wellness Program Need a Summary of Benefits and Coverage?

Even though health reform’s legal status is up in the air, plan sponsors are still taking cautious steps forward to make sure they are ready if it survives the Supreme Court challenge. One of those steps, which is coming soon, […]

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